About Me

  I’m Stephen Hadden!  I am currently the Independent Education Program (and computers) teacher in Biggar, SK.  My family and I are enjoying living in a nice little town, in our nice house with a nice yard for our rambunctious dog Hamish. I have three kids who are navigating the wonders of school/extra curricular/other things.  My wife Erin is a Day Care Director in town.  We are keeping busy.

So about the teaching thing.  I have been involved in Education since finishing my undergraduate degree in 1999 (University of Toronto). My wife and I worked for a organization that provided post-secondary certificate courses in Newcastle Australia. Following our return to Canada in 2007, I completed my Bachelor of Education at Trent University in 2010 and I was a full time teacher in Northern Saskatchewan from 2011-2015. I have had the opportunity to teach grade 3/4, high school science, electronics, communication media, as well as grade 9 and 10 mathematics. In the sports area I have coached volleyball, basketball, football, indoor soccer, and badminton.  I have been involved in Robot Rumbles, coaching in areas of electronics and computer programming.  I was also responsible for technology training and implementation at our school and I was part of the Northern Lights School Division Educational Technology committee.

Currently I am one of two IndEP (Independent Education Program) teachers.  This role gives me the opportunity to provide more individualized instruction to a smaller group of students and it allows me to focus on student strength to help them succeed.  I also had to become an expert in all high school curriculum in any subject area. I am also responsible for some computer instruction for high school and elementary grades, and teach various Practical and Applied Arts classes (Information Processing, Computer Drafting etc.) and grade 10 mathematics.